1. HOW LONG WILL I BE SERVING? The initial enlistment fee is for a lifetime membership, or until you rise through the ranks.  Upon promotion to GENERAL OF THE ARMY if you would like to continue to submit missions and earn more swag you must reenlist. However, access to the Grenade Army shop and exclusive Grenade Army Promotions will be available to all Generals of the Army whether or not they reenlist.


2. WHAT DO I GET WHEN I ENLIST? You'll get an initial enlistment pack that's valued at $15 and includes personalized dog-tags with name and Army ID number, assorted Grenade stickers and other paraphernalia.   

3. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO GET MY ENLISTMENT PACKET? Enlistment turnaround can take up to three to four weeks from the time we receive a completed enlistment form and payment. If you haven't received your packet in that time please email your web receipt to

4. WHY SHOULD I COMPLETE MISSIONS? Missions are a means of advancing your rank and scoring more Grenade contraband. Missions are posted on the "Grenade Army" website and for every completed mission you earn a promotion. For every third rank promotion you will be resupplied with stickers, stencils, and other Grenade paraphernalia.  

5. DO I HAVE TO COMPLETE ALL OF THE MISSIONS? Not all missions are required, nor must they be completed in any particular order.  

6. HOW OFTEN ARE NEW MISSIONS CREATED? New missions are posted at least twice a year, but we may occasionally create new ones at any given time.

7. ARE THERE ANY DEADLINES FOR COMPLETING MISSIONS? Certain missions will have specific deadlines for completion. Those with deadlines will be noted in the mission description.  

8. I SENT IN SOME MISSION COMPLETIONS, NOW WHAT? Our Army Administrator reviews mission submissions about twice a week on average. Once they have been reviewed your rank will be promoted and you will receive an email acknowledging your accomplishment.

9. CAN I COMPLETE A MISSION MORE THAN ONCE? Missions can only be completed once unless otherwise specified. Those that can have multiple completions will be noted in the mission description.

10. CAN I ENLIST IF I LIVE OUTSIDE OF THE US? Unfortunately at this time we are under construction for our International Army. With such a high response of our international loyal Grenade followers we want to ensure that you are well taken care of. Keep an eye out for further information in the near future.

11. WHAT SORT OF RECOGNITION WILL I GET IN THE ARMY? All Grenade Army soldiers are listed on the online Army roster. We may also select mission completions to feature on our blog, as well as feature Army soldiers on Facebook and Twitter.

12. WHAT CAN I EXPECT WHEN I RECEIVE SWAG? Grenade stickers and stencils, contraband, and other paraphernalia found in Army enlistment packs as well as mission completion packs may vary depending on stock. You have the ability to earn anything from T-Shirts, Beanies, Wallets, and all sorts of great product. The higher you rise in rank, the better the swag!

13. WHAT IF I HAVE MORE QUESTIONS? Field all Grenade Army questions to


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